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Elements & their associated pigments - Elements some of their Associated Pigments Pigments come from many different materials – plants, vegetables, animals and minerals. This list gives an idea of some of the pigments made from mineral elements mined from the earths crust. Bearing in mind … Continue reading
The Repair Shop Christmas Special - Paintings Conservation in The Repair shop at Christmas along with the secret Santa and my secret life as a graffiti artist :))) Continue reading
Whats Paint Got to do with it? - I wrote in the footnotes of the Nov 2018 blog ‘Medieval and Renaissance Pigments’ that paint is made of two components – pigment and medium. It led me to revisit my early enthusiasm for paint, paintings and the wondrous developments we … Continue reading
Brief History of Pigments in Western Art – Part 1: Medieval and Renaissance Pigments - One of the questions I’m often asked of my job as Conservator of Paintings is why don’t I retouch with the same pigments the artist used? There are a number of answers to this but basically, sometimes I do use … Continue reading
BBC2 – ‘The Repair Shop’ – 2018 - Late summer 2018 sees The Repair Shop team filming series 4 & 5 for 2019. The show has gone from strength to strength with more experts coming in to the beautiful 18th Century barn at the Weald & Downland Open … Continue reading
‘The Repair Shop’ BBC2 - Source: ‘The Repair Shop’ BBC2
‘The Repair Shop’ BBC2 - A new reality with discernible talent to the fore. Stories of objects from the homes of the Nation. Continue reading
BBC2 ‘Restoration Roadshow’ 2014 - BBC 2′s Restoration Roadshow is on TV again, not only in the UK but in France too! There is a wealth of televisual material in Conservation and despite being called the ‘Restoration Roadshow‘ – the alliteration being somewhat sonorous – … Continue reading
Liquifying Paint - A painting made (and sold) in 2000 recently came in to my studio. It was a contemporary oil on canvas. This year – 2014 – the paint had started to ‘liquify‘ – rivulets of paint running down the surface of … Continue reading
Open letter to ICON – UK Institute of Conservation - Institute of Conservation 1.5 Lafone House The Leathermarket Weston Street London SE1 3ER October 23rd 2013 Dear ICON, This is an open letter about my increasing dissatisfaction with the lack of clarity, direction and membership support ICON is currently reflecting … Continue reading